Supporting Student Art: Arts in Education Grants

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Supporting Student Art: Arts in Education Grants

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When The Nature Coast Technical High School Digital Video Production Program participated in the National High School Film Festival in New York City in October 2021, it won second place for a short film titled “Waiting for the Punchline.” The production and submission of this film was made possible by extensive community support, including a grant from the Hernando County Fine Arts Council. In the closing credits of the short film, both NCT Films’ student production Hernando County Arts in Education and Hernando County Education Foundation received a special acknowledgment.

Ian Wald, Instructor in the Digital Video Production Program at Nature Coast Technical High School, said: “And making this film has given our students an amazing real-world experience.”

That’s the whole idea behind the Arts in Education Grant awarded by the Hernando County Fine Arts Council to certified teachers in the visual or performing arts in Hernando County. The maximum grant request allowed is $500. The purpose of the grant is “to support art educators who provide art experiences to students in Hernando County.”

“I was drawn to the Arts Council’s Arts in Education program. Our mission is to encourage, promote, support and showcase the creative arts here in Hernando County, and the Arts in Education grant program It provides a unique opportunity to better serve the growing minds and small artists in our region!” said Jessica Knutilla, Executive Assistant to the Arts Council.

Fittingly, this grant program is made possible with the support of the Hernando County Education Foundation. “Arts in Education grants are now being distributed in partnership with the Hernando County Education Foundation!” Knutilla said. “We are very excited to work with HCEF’s dedicated team to support art teachers in our community.”

All grant applications are supported by Arts in Education’s mission statement to encourage, promote, support, and showcase the creative process for the benefit of students from kindergarten through age 12 in Hernando County. must be along.

Many Hernando schools and educators benefit from Arts in Education grants. Explorer K-8 applied for her Arts in Education Grant in 2021 to purchase a potter’s wheel for her middle school arts program. Each student created a piece of pottery that was exhibited at the school-wide student art show at the end of the year. All K-12 applied school grants to an art gallery experience held each year at the end of the school year in 2021 with the title and theme of “Everything Wild.” Students painted murals and exhibited their work in various locations throughout the school.
“Artwork that students have been working on throughout the year is displayed in various classrooms designed around the school’s theme for the year,” read information on the Hernando Arts Council website. .

“The theme for 2021 is ‘Everything Wild,’ with artwork inspired by the Wild West, our wild imaginations and wildlife. There was also a short film made by the students. ”
“Both Entyty and Explorer hosted showcases for students throughout the school,” explains Knutila.
If you are interested in applying for an Arts in Education grant, please complete the grant application at and email Tammy Brinker, Chief Executive Officer of the Hernando County Education Foundation. Please send. [email protected] The subject is “2022-2023 Classroom Grant Application”. Please attach documents as necessary. The administrator must electronically sign and submit the application. Note: Handwritten entries will not be accepted. We only accept applications by e-mail.
The application deadline is October 7, 2022. All projects must be completed by his April 2023 and must include photos, news clips, social media posts or supporting media releases documenting the finished product.

To watch the short film “Waiting for the Punchline” produced by The Nature Coast Technical High School Digital Video Production Program and NCT Films, search for “Waiting for the Punchline (2021)” on YouTube.

“The Arts Council grant was the finishing touch we needed to complete our film festival experience,” says Wald. “And we came in second in the world.”