Rob Linder on Charles III's 'sincere concern' for Holocaust education

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Rob Linder on Charles III's 'sincere concern' for Holocaust education

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Charles III and Rob Linder

Caption: Rob Linder remembers how King Charles III had “honest” knowledge of the Holocaust when he received his MBE credit: getty/rex

Rob Linder recalls meeting Charles III when he received his MBE, explaining how he meant the royal family was ‘informed’ and ‘wholly cared about’ Holocaust education .

Earlier this month, an accession council met at St James’s Palace and the former Prince of Wales was officially declared the new monarch, taking the throne after his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, died at the age of 96.

After the Queen’s Funeral Barrister and television personality Rob will meet King Charles when he and his mother, Angela Cohen, receive MBEs for Holocaust education and awareness services earlier this year. I looked back on what it was like.

The Good Morning Britain host recently partnered with cleaning brand Method on its ‘Clean Up Pre-Nup’ campaign to promote an equal division of household chores among cohabitants, and expressed ‘real remorse and sincerity’ after the Queen’s death. He explained that he feels “thank you for your support.” , paid tribute to the way she “dedicated her life to her service”.

“I see a piece of royal work. There’s no moment you can turn off. It’s about making every human that comes into your orbit feel better than when they found you.” The sheer challenge of doing it, and doing it for 70 years, is what I see and think and reflect with true bewildered reverence,” he shared.

He had seen the Queen far away, but had met King Charles briefly when he and his mother received their MBEs, and how knowledgeable the heirs at the time were about the Holocaust. He added that he was thoroughly impressed with how there was.

In 2020, Rob released the BBC One documentary My Family, the Holocaust and Me, where he met a Jewish family and learned what happened to their relatives during the Holocaust.

Robert Linder and his mother Angela Cohen after receiving an MBE medal from the Prince of Wales

Rob and his mother, Angela, received their MBEs at an induction ceremony at Windsor Castle (Photo: Steve Parsons/PA)

Prince Charles, Rob Linder and his mother Angela Cohen

The then Prince of Wales presented Rob and his mother with a certificate of recognition (Photo: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire)

“He had a good knowledge of Holocaust education. He named people my mother knew. He knew what was going on in that space.

“He had a genuine interest in Holocaust education, which was perfectly evidenced by how knowledgeable he was. In fact, he was really nice.”

Robb went on to explain that his encounter with the King was “someone who had a sincere and sincere commitment to Holocaust education.”

“He really knew himself. And he didn’t know it because someone sucked it into his ear. He really cared deeply about that and the show’s message.” He understood its meaning and impact and its enduring importance,” he said.

Referring to the late Queen’s reputation for having an “extraordinary memory”, Judge Linder added: King. ‘

During our conversation, Rob spoke passionately about the “Clean Up Pre-Nup” campaign he’s been working on with Method as someone who tends to clean up in his normal home life.

The barrister outlined a number of cases he encountered on television courtroom shows that involved people struggling to deal with domestic disputes. as household chores.

“We found significant national disparities in marital breakdown, with 39% of couples arguing the most about housework,” says Robb. “When someone doesn’t clean up, it’s often not about the cleanup. It’s about the value you put in it.

Rob believes that the idea of ​​alternative premarital sex — a signed agreement that challenges gender stereotypes about how household chores are shared and promotes equality in the home — is a “great idea” and applies to same-sex couples as well. I stressed that I could. I am in a similar situation.

Rob Linder Act Clean Up Prenup Campaign

Rob feels strongly about the campaign’s message (Photo: Method)

“The really cool thing about the method is that it is completely inclusive. We are discussing how it can help people become more ‘caring about their partner’.

“If there’s anything you can do to make people think about it and be more considerate of their partners and put something down before they get into a relationship, the chances are you can convince people to do something.” In the most complicated situations, they may be able to find a way out,” he said.

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