New funding helps amateur sports bounce back from pandemic

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New funding helps amateur sports bounce back from pandemic

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The government is providing $4 million in post-pandemic recovery funds to rekindle the amateur sports sector by rebuilding sports memberships and boosting volunteerism.

“We know how hard this pandemic is creating for sports organizations across BC,” said Hli Haykwhl Ẃii Xsgaak Minister for Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport Melanie Mark. “Sport has the power to heal people, bring communities together and create connections while promoting health and wellbeing. , British Columbia’s amateur sports sector has lost many attendees, volunteers, advocates and community champions.Volunteers are the backbone of the sports community and sport is nothing without players.This Rally Together grant But I hope it will inspire people of all ages to come back to gaming.”

In British Columbia, 85% of provincial sports organizations reported a decline in volunteers and membership, recording a decline in attendance from over 800,000 in 2018-19 to nearly 500,000 in 2020-21. I’m here.

The Rally Together Fund will be provided to viaSport British Columbia to administer two separate grants on behalf of the province, ensuring that BC’s amateur sports department continues to provide opportunities and programs to all British Columbians To do. The first, his $2 million program, is focused on kickstarting sports by rebuilding memberships in local and disability sports organizations. The fund will support initiatives focused on recruiting participants of all ages and providing more inclusive and accessible program options. Her second, $2 million program helps recruit, retain and train volunteers who are critical to the success of many clubs, including coaches and referees, event coordinators and equipment managers.

Rebuilding sports memberships and volunteerism is a top priority for viaSport. Charlene Klepiakevic, CEO of viaSport in British Columbia, said: “At viaSport British Columbia, we are very pleased to manage this important investment from British Columbia, which will help create a more resilient sports sector.”

Non-profit state, disability, and multi-sport organizations that are accredited, endorsed, or affiliated with viaSport BC and its member sports organizations in their regions are eligible to apply. These organizations offer activities such as rugby, snowboarding, boxing and wheelchair basketball. This money will help revitalize amateur sports in BC. This sector will continue to provide opportunities and programs for the people of British Columbia to ensure that people of all ages can play the sport of their choice in their communities.

“Sport BC knows the power of sport,” said Rob Newman, President and CEO of Sport BC. “We know sport builds belonging, community, friendships, leadership, healthy children, connections and resilience. Working hard to support its 73 affiliates during the pandemic and beyond, the Sports Relief Fund is dedicated to helping amateur sports, especially participants and volunteers, find their way back into sport. I know I will greatly assist you in doing so.”

Individual grants range from $5,000 to $15,000 for local organizations and $15,000 to $35,000 for state organizations. Grants are determined based on the needs, impact and scope of the project. Examples of eligible projects include programs that promote accessibility and inclusion or provide deliberate outreach to underrepresented populations, and initiatives that attract volunteers through subsidized training or development opportunities. It is included. Grant acceptance will take place from September 24th to November 4th, 2022.

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Explore the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport’s 2022 Service Plan, which includes several goals and objectives related to post-pandemic recovery.