dfree® FINfest – a financial festival for culture

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dfree® FINfest – a financial festival for culture

Somerset, N.J., Sept. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — dfree® FINfest is a financial festival run by Prudential Financial. Live and virtual experiences provide real-time support for African Americans beginning or continuing their journey to financial freedom.

On Saturday, November 12, experts in finance, investing, real estate, retirement, student loans and entertainment will provide educational tools and resources to Keene University attendees. In addition, Prudential’s financial experts provide free financial education to help participants improve their financial well-being and create thriving communities.

dfree® FINfest is hosted by Corporate Community Connections, Inc., the parent company of the dfree® Financial Freedom Movement. Since 2005, the team at dfree® Movement has helped people get out of debt, arrears and deficits, encouraging them to take advantage of their freedom to establish deposits, dividends and deeds.

“At FINfest, we want to teach people how to make money and how to manage it. Many people take their paychecks home, but they have very little to show for it. Corporate Community Connections, Inc. and Dr. DeForest B. Soaries, Jr., CEO of the Dfree Global Foundation, said: “We are also committed to providing the tools people need to create successful strategies for their money. We want to help you gain access so you can build wealth and a legacy for your loved ones.”

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dfree® About the financial liberalization movement
As the only faith-based wealth-building system designed specifically with the Black community in mind, the dfree® movement provides financial freedom resources. The dfree® movement uses a variety of tools to educate, motivate, and support those who choose to achieve and maintain financial freedom. started as a faith-based initiative to stop the spread of dfree® has grown into a movement that gives its participants the ability to handle financial responsibility, the willingness to help others do the same, and the ability to leave a legacy for future generations.

About Corporate Community Connections, Inc.

Since 1997, Corporate Community Connections, Inc. (CCCI) has been a partnership between businesses and underserved communities to achieve the mutual benefits of increased access to diverse markets and expanded community resources. I have created a connection for From large healthcare systems expanding into urban areas to large financial services companies looking to diversify their workforce, Corporate Community Connections, Inc. connects organizations to solutions and sustainable strategies that are embedded within them. I was able to create it.

Additionally, dfree® Financial Freedom Movement is a licensed trademark of CCCI.

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