Collaborative drawing — no finger pointing

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Collaborative drawing — no finger pointing

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Simpel’s solution to the tedious experience of document management follows the launch of a new module that removes barriers to collaborative drawing…

The foundation of collaboration begins with centralized data, frictionless access and digitally connected workflows. One of the best measures of the value of software is how well it can be used by everyone on the team over the life of the project, from developers to external consultants to field subcontractors to management teams.

Peter Ciceran, CTO of Simpel, a leading Australian construction software company, said the industry is rapidly moving to an integrated system for end-to-end project collaboration.

“Organizations still using multiple systems and third-party integrations to manage their operations are faced with the many logins, higher costs, siled data, and disconnected workflows that come with using disparate systems. I am dissatisfied with all my luggage.

“The process is not streamlined and ultimately hurts collaboration.”

Simpel’s modules redefine project collaboration

Simpel’s new Drawing Collaboration module is the latest addition to the digital toolbox. A flexible, all-in-one workspace for drawing navigation, review, markup, and collaboration, designed for onsite and office use, enabling seamless collaboration between teams throughout the development and construction phases of a project. make it easier.

Designed to help even the least trained user identify changes in drawings

As the industry knows well, EOT variations and rework can often be attributed to people creating from wrong or outdated drawings.

The drawings are detailed, frequently revised, and massive, so it can be difficult for everyone to understand the latest changes.

Specialized software exists, but is often paid per user and too costly to deploy across a team.

In practice, most people on the team don’t need or even use all the features that specialized drawing software has to offer, but who wants to be part of the core toolset that facilitates drawing collaboration and lets you see changes? should also be easily accessible. Add and share your markup.

Simpel’s drawing comparison tool helps even the most untrained user to highlight differences in plans and identify what has changed between two drawings. This will give you instant clarity so you can resume your work or consult others if necessary.

By allowing teams to check drawings quickly and easily, the tool reduces the risk of subcontractors working off of old plans, minimizing rework and EOT fluctuations.

Frictionless collaboration across the organization

Simpel’s unlimited user model removes barriers to drawing collaboration by making it free and easy to add new internal or external users and assign them “view only” or “edit” privileges for free.

Ask project teams to markup and collaborate in one system, providing real-time access to drawing views, comments, and markups for streamlined communication, increased accountability, and faster issue resolution be converted.

Collaboration markup, sharing and auditing

For authorized users, this module will display all published drawings stored in the document management system.

This increases transparency and allows you to track drawing changes and approvals throughout the project lifecycle.

This module also integrates with the EOT Variation Register to enable the creation of EOT variation workflows, tying drawings with communication, sign-off and approval.

Some consultants still printed drawings, marked them up by hand, scanned them and emailed them back to developers or contractors, who then forwarded the markups into their systems, Ciceran said. I’m here.

“Inefficiencies aside, I am amazed that some companies are still willing to take them offline for critical documentation of their projects. How do they maintain auditable records of these communications? are there?

“The same process runs much faster in Simpel, the entire workflow, all versions and collaborations remain digitized and auditable, there are no misunderstandings between stakeholders, and the entire project team It promotes accountability.”

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