Businesses in the Midlands area are in favor of improving the Birmingham-Black Country-Shrewsbury route.

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Businesses in the Midlands area are in favor of improving the Birmingham-Black Country-Shrewsbury route.

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A study was recently conducted by regional transportation agency Midlands Connect to discover how the proposed rail improvements would affect local businesses in the region. Participating companies employ more than 12,500 people throughout the region.

Survey results reveal that 83% of company employees would take trains more often if railway improvements were made, such as better station facilities and cleaner trains . 62% of businesses believe rail improvements “help their businesses grow”, support carbon reduction goals, reduce employee commute times, and provide an easier way to meet customers also agreed. Just under half of businesses report that improvements will make it easier to recruit new staff or engage with the Welsh community.

The proposed rail enhancement program would increase the line to 90 miles per hour and would require two minor track placements in addition to improving the line’s signaling.

The Midlands Connect investigation follows the submission of a strategic brief business case for an improvement program to the Department of Transportation in August. The business case reveals that for every £1 invested, a return of £16 to the local economy and an economic benefit of around £23 million.

Possible improvements in the medium to long term also include electrifying the line and adding a direct service to London, but this will be considered after initial improvements.

Tawhida Yaacoub, Senior Rail Program Manager, Midlands Connect, said:

“We were also given a seal of approval by a local company, and the improvement of the rail line could help them grow, especially now that we are living in difficult times and many businesses are struggling to survive. It is reassuring to hear that there is

“Speeding up rail services traveling the Shrewsbury-Black Country-Birmingham route is just the beginning of a route improvement plan that also electrifies the line and direct service to London is also in the pipeline. It’s great to see you riding perfectly.”

Shrewsbury and Atham Member of Parliament Daniel Kaucinski MP said: Creation when considering transportation options.

We were thrilled to see the submission of the Strategic Outline Business Case for Improvement Programs to the Department of Transportation last month. ”